Ulta 17 Piece Beauty Bag

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I usually go to Sephora online to purchase most of my makeup products and I have never been to an Ulta in person or online. I was prompted to check them out when I found out that they were having a limited time only promotion. With any $60.00 purchase you can choose either a clear yellow or clear pink makeup pouch with 17 deluxe sample sized products. Not 3-5 but 17 samples for free! I say free because some of the other promotion requires you not only to pay a certain amount to qualify but also pay an additional price for sample bags. I had to check Ulta out!

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Skinfood Korea Beauty Products

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While living in Korea there were two main makeup stores I would visit often, one of them being Skinfood. This brand is a great drug store brand for anyone on a budget and they have a fun concept too! Not only is it affordable but the idea of food for your skin sounds delicious and nutritious! I mostly went there for their cleansing products including the Black Sugar Scrub, Milk Cleansing Foam, and Rice Mask Scrub. Continue reading

Nature Box July 2015

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Hello Foodies!

This is my second review for my monthly snack subscription to Naturebox. The snacks in my previous box were randomly chosen for me because I couldn’t log on to my account. Nevertheless, all the snacks sent to me were yummy. This time around I was able to log into my pantry and choose all 5 snacks to my liking. You can pick more than five snacks but the company will send the first 5 snacks you choose. If they run out of any of the 5 snacks you pick they will send the next snack of your choice so make sure to add extra to your pantry in the order of your preference. Continue reading

Love with Food July 2015 Review


July 2015 Tasting box

Theme: Surfin’ USA 

Total Snack items: 8

This month I didn’t get an email letting me know my package was shipped.  Love with Food arrived earlier than usual. Which of course I am not complaining about, it was a pleasant surprise to see the cute red box at my door. As always I was excited since I had no idea what was in the box. As mentioned before,  my sister and I share the box so we usually set a time so we can open it together. I was really busy and kept pushing the time back.  And usually I’m the one that is more excited than she is. This time around she couldn’t wait and was curious to see this month’s goodies and went ahead and opened the box without me to get a sneak peek.  Continue reading

IPSY JULY 2015 Review


As an Ipsy member I received an email from Ipsy asking if I wanted a sneak peek at my products. Since I didn’t share my Ipsy bag on social media I was not able to see what was in my bag this month. I did however check a few days later online to see if I could see my items online but it was too early for them to release the products. So I kind of forgot about it until a few days later when my postman handed me my hot pink bubbled package as I was heading home. I was really excited because I had no idea what to expect this month and the package felt bulky. Continue reading

Innis Free Haul Korean Brand

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I’ve lived in Korea for about 4 four years and I am sad to say I have never stepped into an Innis Free. Even sadder to say I have never tried any of their products! That is until this year when I got to try a little bit of everything when my husband went to Korea for a business trip. I gave him a long list of makeup products from my usual brands Skin Food and Etude House. But I opted out on getting high end brands even though I would’ve loved me some. Continue reading

Honest Company Diaper and Wipes

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I finally decided to give The Honest Company a try. I went to their website and clicked on their live chat. Customer service helped me and the whole process was completed online . I ordered the bundle savings  on the Diaper and Wipes for $79.95  and wanted to try out all 3 trial kits. My purchase was well over the $50.00 minimum of free shipping so I asked if I could have the $5.95 shipping waived Continue reading