IPSY OCTOBER 2015 Alter Ego

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This month is my 6th Ipsy bag and it is still fun to receive this hot pink bubbled package. I got a glimpse of this month’s bag and was glad that I didn’t receive nail polish and was really happy to get a brush! In total I received 2 full size items and 3 deluxe sized items. This month I received a hair mask, face exfoliator, liquid lipstick, cream eyeshadow, and an eye brush. If you are interested in these items or want to know a bit more about what Ipsy offers, continue reading for my mini review and swatches. 


The value of the products in this bag is worth $35.92. In my opinion I feel that the eyeshadow is overpriced even for a full size product. The Dr.Brandt is an expensive brand but for a deluxe sample that is a pretty expensive item. The liquid lipstick and the hair mask is priced reasonably but it should’ve been slightly cheaper. I was most surprised that the brush is priced inexpensively for a full size item. Each price breakdown was calculated by using full price value from each individual website.thumb_IMG_4999_1024

This month’s theme postcard. It doesn’t include any of the product information.


This month’s bag: smaller, squared, has 2 different sides and color.




This eyeshadow is a full size product. The colors shown above is the true color of the product, looks slightly gold, copper, and yellowish.


The same eyeshadow swatches copper-gold on the skin. On my eyelid it looks coppery-orange, it is a bright color and not an everyday makeup color.


Second Dr.Jart product I’ve used and this one is much better than the pore mask I’ve tried from them. Smells slightly citrusy, feels like sand bits, and it’s an okay exfoliator.


This is my first brush from Ipsy and I am so glad I got one!


This one feels nice and smells nice too.


This is a liquid lipstick and swatches above are for 1 application. That is the true color of the product and is how the product color dries on my lips.


The same liquid lipstick from The Balm swatches pink on my skin but on my lips it swatches more nude brown. The application is moist, slightly sticky for the first minute, and it last for a long time.



I will finish up the hair mask, the liquid lipstick, the exfoliator, and really glad about the brush. I don’t think I will use the eyeshadow since it is more orange than copper. If you don’t own a lot of makeup products but have interest in them, this is a great subscription for you. If you travel a lot there are some decent products you can save up to use on your trip, or if you are a makeup artist this is a great way to try different products. If you are picky about makeup, have sensitive skin, or don’t like to try crazy colors this is not the right subscription service for you. All in all I like to receive travel sized items, try new makeup products, and gift the ones that don’t suit me.

❤ Michelle K. M


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