Give Me More Lipsticks Sephora Favorites 2/4

thumb_IMG_4721_10241   thumb_IMG_4953_10241Hello Beauties! This is part 2 of 4 in the Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip series. In this blog post I will talk about 5 of the 15 lip products with more detailed images. I will include the price, arm swatches, product information, and a mini review. This is my first post where I swatch products on my lips for you to see.. please leave in the comments below and share your feedback and let me know if lip swatches are preferred or if the hand swatches are good enough, thanks in advance! The 5 products I will talk about are from Smashbox, Nars Cosmetics, YSL, Laura Mercier, and the Kat Von D lip sticks. If you missed part 1 you can click here to read that overview first. If you already have then let’s continue with this one.thumb_IMG_4675_10241The 5 products are all from this Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Holiday set.thumb_IMG_4953_10241The five lipsticks that will be mentioned are shown above in order: Smashbox, Nars Cosmetics, YSL, Laura Mercier, and Kat Von D.thumb_IMG_4751_10241Smashbox Cosmetics, Be Legendary Lipstick in Magenta Matte $20.00 Full-Size 0.1 oz *This line from Smashbox is a collaboration with Instagram star Donald Robertson. There are 6 color options to choose from and they are limited edition. The color that comes with the Give Me More Set is a neon purple pink which gives your lips a vibrant pop of color. It swatches a beautiful barbie pink on the arm and on the lips. It is daring for everyday but a fun color to wear to a party or event. It is not drying, feels creamy, and moisturizing.  Color Rating: 3/5 Formula Rating: 4/5. Overall: For $20 I would repurchase this lipstick but in a different color.

thumb_IMG_4847_10241The background image is blurred, the swatch on the lips are shown when in direct sunlight. With the right makeup and not too much eye makeup this would be a pretty color to wear.thumb_IMG_4841_10241Just look at how pretty the color pink shows up. Can be layered, but one swipe is pretty pigmented enough.thumb_IMG_4730_10241Nars Cosmetics, Lipstick in Scarlett Empress $22.00 Full-Size 0.09 oz * Looks very dark in the tube but surprisingly looks berry red on the lips. This is a beautiful semi matte blue red that helps make your teeth look a bit whiter and perfect to wear for fall. Gives a slight tug but glides on nicely, feels moisturizing, smells like fruit loops. Color: 4.5/5 Formula:4/5 Overall: This is a nice product I would repurchase this color or try out a different color from this line. thumb_IMG_4733_10241

thumb_IMG_4741_10241   thumb_IMG_4808_10241Look at the lipstick in the tube and compare with the color on the lips, looks very different. Pleasantly surprised with this product, it looks like fall in a tube. The image shown above is taken with direct sunlight.thumb_IMG_4807_10241This product slightly tugs when you first apply it on your lips, make sure your lips are exfoliated, you can layer for darker color.thumb_IMG_4747_10241Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Rouge Pur Coulture Le Rouge $10.80 Deluxe-Size 0.03 oz *A satin blood red lipstick, glides on like silk, feels very moisturizing, has a floral scent. In this line there is 1 shade for VIB ROUGE members only in the shade Black Red. There are a total of 41 different shades you can choose from, some of which are permanent and others which are limited edition including this one from the Give Me More Lip.This is a flattering red color that isn’t too red but more of a classy red. Color 4.5/5 Formula 4.5/5 Overall: Would love to purchase this color again or try a different shade they feel luxurious on the lips!thumb_IMG_4749_10241

thumb_IMG_4836_10241The image above is taken with direct sunlight.   thumb_IMG_4833_10241

thumb_IMG_4775_10241Laura Mercier, Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Milky Way $13.50 Deluxe-Size 0.07 oz *Feels very lovely, creamy, and smooth. It does exactly what it says it does: no feathering, no settling into fine lines, no dragging it does look fuller and younger. Color looks like milk chocolate brown in the tube it applies like a sheer nude brown on the lips and has no noticeable scent. Pleasantly surprised with the color, not something I would’ve picked out on my own. It looks nice on the lips. Color 4/5 Formula 4.5/5 Overall: I would repurchase this color if I need a nude brown this is the perfect shade, I would love to try other colors from this line as well. thumb_IMG_4871_1024

This is what the product looks when viewed with direct sunlight, slightly nude brown with a hint of shine.


thumb_IMG_4727_10241Kat Von D, Studded Kiss in Homegirl $8.40 Deluxe-Size 0.04 oz * Very unique, edgy, and cool packaging. This is a deep black cherry color, feels creamy, a bit drying, it applies patchy, emphasizes dry patches and cracks. At least they don’t contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. The best part about this product is the scent, it smells like sweet vanilla bean but supposed to smell like creme brulee. This shade provides a vampy look. Shade: 3/5 Formula 2/5. Overall: I love the edgy packaging, the sweet scent, and that it is free of some harsh chemicals. However I did not enjoy the dry matte and patchy consistency of this lipstick, I would not repurchase this. thumb_IMG_4803_10241As you can see in the image above the lipstick looks vampy and patchy, it is more darker on the bottom and fades out in the corners. The image above is taken with direct sunlight. thumb_IMG_4784_10241

Overall: All five of these products are from well known brands. Some are extra pricy when purchased for full price, and this kit provided a nice range for me to try out and a variety of colors that I would’ve never picked out myself. Even if you decide not to get this set I hope this individual review helped in someway if you were planning to purchase one of the lipsticks individually on your own.  If you enjoyed this post please like, comment, and subscribe! Post 3 of 4 is coming soon! The next one will be about lipgloss. Thanks for reading.

❤ Michelle K. M



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