Winter Moisture Land Skincare Set

9651   9291Hey Beauties! Just wanted to quickly update you that the Sephora Beauty Sleep Favorites has been restocked! If you read my previous post and wanted to purchase the set, now is your chance! Also I wanted to let you know that this set from Belif a Korean Skincare brand has been restocked online at Sephora as well! This post will be on the Limited Edition Winter Moisture Land. Continue reading if you would like to know more about it. 9641

I ordered this set during the VIB sale and they have been sold out since! Until recently they restocked online a few days ago! The box arrived in the usual Sephora box but the actual set itself came in a white sleeve cover. The white box is unnecessary unless it was to make sure to prevent the sleeve from the box inside from opening. It did feel like I was opening a present when sliding it out.  Small details like this is much appreciated. It was easy to remove, just slide the sleeve out!


Once you slide the white sleeve out the box, this is the actual packaging. Look how festive and pretty! The box is a pretty reddish-pink with gold and colorful detailing the goodness bursting out of the jar. I really like the design and image of the box, they drew the products so it looks like something you would see in a cartoon.


On the back of the box you see the 3 products that come in this set they also give a brief description about each item.


The product ingredients are listed on the front side of the box.


The 3 products that come in this set:

  1. The True Cream Aqua Bomb 1.68 fl.oz $38.00
  2. Hungarian Water Essence 0.34 fl.oz $5.47
  3. Creamy Cleansing Foam 1.01 fl.oz $4.86


On the back of each product they give you directions on how to use them. Both the Gel Cream and Essence will expire in a year but the Foam Cleanser doesn’t say when it will expire (not that it matters since this can be used up quickly if using daily).

  1. The True Cream Aqua Bomb 1.68 fl.oz $38.009461

This is the Full-Size Gel Cream that comes in this set. The price of this whole set cost the same as if you bought this jar alone. If you already love this Gel Cream, you need to get this set if you are about to run out,  already ran out, as a backup, or to give as a gift.

I discovered this brand from a 100 point perk from Sephora. In a previous post I talk about this brand and how I fell in love with their True Cream Moisturizing Bomb even though I would’ve preferred for this set to come with the Cream version instead of the Gel, I got it anyway because the Gel consistency is nice too. I also love the Hungarian Essence (tried this before from a Sephora promo and loved it as well) that comes with this set for free and I wanted to try out their cleanser too.9471

This is the back of the jar and everything is written in English. I was surprised when I first tried this line to discover it was a Korean brand!


Here is a comparison of the Full-Size(left) and the Deluxe-Size(right). I already had a sample of the Gel Cream version as well from a previous purchase. You can read more about it on my post from Sephora Favorites from Soko to Tokyo. 


Comparison in size when viewed from on top, again don’t they look like a gentlemen’s top hat?


The product is a twist top and it comes with a plastic stopper which is easy to open and won’t splatter everywhere.


The color looks like a cool minty whitish-blue. It feels cooling on the skin and refreshing as well. It is light-weight and absorbs nicely into the skin. 9551

2. Creamy Cleansing Foam 1.01 fl.oz $4.869831I was really excited to try this cleanser since this was the only product in this set which I have not tried before. The tube is a standard deluxe-size sample and I can get a few good uses out of the product if I use a penny amount as the directions instruct.

I suggest wetting your face first, squeeze half a penny size onto the palm of your hand, lather up and gently massage onto your face.


It doesn’t strip my skin or feel dry at all. It smells a lot like the other 2 Belif products I’ve tried and it smells like a light herbal and clean scent.

9321The color is an off-white, the consistency looks shiny like the tube.

9361I enjoyed this cleanser and like it a lot!

3. Hungarian Water Essence 0.34 fl.oz $5.479381I am so happy to get a backup of this essence even though it is only a deluxe-size sample. I had previously got one for free with a promo code and have enjoyed using it. As the name suggests the consistency of this product almost feels like I’m rubbing water on my face, it is so light but it gives a nice supple and moisture back into my skin. It is perfect to use after I cleanse and right before my face air dries.This is awesome for those of you who have a whole routine for skincare with more than 5 products. Super light-weight to use to prep your skin for the other 5 items or more.9431

Price Breakdown:9761

Overall Thoughts: This Limited Edition Set from Belif is cruelty-free, free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. A Korean skincare line with some of their bestselling products from the Belif brand. In this set you only pay for the Full-Size jar and get 2 free Deluxe-Size Samples to try. It is an awesome set! The reviews on this set from Sephora as of right now give it a rating of 4.8/5 with 13 reviews. Even though I prefer the Cream version instead I still like the Gel version as well. If you are a beauty insider make sure to check out the 100 point perks right now to try out the True Cream Moisturizing Bomb because they recently restocked on it! I hope you found this review helpful! Please like, comment, and subscribe! Also don’t forget to get this set while it is still available!

❤ Michelle K. M


6 thoughts on “Winter Moisture Land Skincare Set

  1. beautymarq says:

    I love the cleanser, I have that in the full size. Haven’t tried the essence yet though since I have two others that I’m trying to use up first, lol. Guess that’s just the skincare junkie in me!

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