Love with Food January 2016

thumb_IMG_8590_1024   thumb_IMG_8592_10242Hello Foodies! The theme for January 2016 , Love is Kind, is the perfect way to begin the year with Love with Food! Most of us strive to improve our overall health and work on becoming a better “me” physically and mentally. How about subscribing to this monthly snack service? It cost less than $10 a month! You’ll be one step closer to becoming a better you by discovering snacks with less chemical junk, while providing a hot meal for someone who really needs it! This tasting subscription is worth it if you are looking for a way to give back to the community but don’t have time to physically volunteer or help out. While most donations don’t come with anything, this one comes with 8 snacks for you to sample. This review is based only on the snacks and if they are worth repurchasing or trying out. Continue reading


IPSY JANUARY 2016 All Eyes On You

thumb_IMG_5818_10241   thumb_IMG_8565_1024Hello Beauties! This month’s Ipsy bag has an All Eyes On You theme. Three of the 5 eye-products are full-sized. The other 2 products are random deluxe-sized products, but still pricey when you calculate the product value. This blog post is my first impression on each of the 5 items for the month of January 2016. This is my personal opinion about each of the items as I open and swatch/try them for the first time. Are these products worth the $10 a month? Check back next month for February’s un-bagging and a brief review on the items from this January’s bag, and find out if I actually enjoyed these products or if they were even used at all. Perhaps this will help you decide if you were considering this makeup subscription or if you are here just to see what this Ipster received in her glam bag you are in the right place! Continue reading

Sephora Skin Wonderland Favorites Set

thumb_IMG_7927_1024   thumb_IMG_7928_1024

Hello lovely! This blog post is my review on each skincare product that comes with the Skin Wonderland set, from Sephora Favorites. I wrote about this set a few posts back when it first came out. Just to recap, this particular set was available only at JCPenney, and now after I have tried and tested out the products, I will briefly share my opinion about the individual items. This set, unfortunately, is no longer in stock, but each item mentioned is sold individually in stores and some are sold online. If you are looking for skincare products to add to your routine or want to know more about the products shown above, this post is for you.  Continue reading

Give Me More Lips Sephora Favorites 4/4

thumb_IMG_4961_10241   thumb_IMG_4957_10241Hello Beauties! Thank you so much for your patience! I have finally concluded part 4 of 4 on the Sephora Give Me More Lip Favorite Set review. As you all know, this set was a limited holiday edition, and is no longer in stock. I did write a blog post when it first came out, and have written a first impression on all 15 products. I broke this review up into 4 parts so you wouldn’t have to scroll down for an hour reading my post. I also broke it up so that I could test out the products a bit more and give you a review on each item. I hope this review gives you a better idea about the individual lip product, if you had been wanting to know more about them. Or perhaps, this post will introduce a new lip item to your collection. Enjoy!  Continue reading