IPSY JANUARY 2016 All Eyes On You

thumb_IMG_5818_10241   thumb_IMG_8565_1024Hello Beauties! This month’s Ipsy bag has an All Eyes On You theme. Three of the 5 eye-products are full-sized. The other 2 products are random deluxe-sized products, but still pricey when you calculate the product value. This blog post is my first impression on each of the 5 items for the month of January 2016. This is my personal opinion about each of the items as I open and swatch/try them for the first time. Are these products worth the $10 a month? Check back next month for February’s un-bagging and a brief review on the items from this January’s bag, and find out if I actually enjoyed these products or if they were even used at all. Perhaps this will help you decide if you were considering this makeup subscription or if you are here just to see what this Ipster received in her glam bag you are in the right place!thumb_IMG_8568_1024This is what I received in my January 2016 bag:

1. Skyn Iceland Travel Size Glacial Cleansing Cloths Weight: 10 cleansing cloths; 1.7 oz

2. Tréstique Mini Concealer Crayon in Bisque Weight: .02 oz

3. TheBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Weight: .01 oz

4. Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil Weight: .04 oz

5. Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow Weight: .03 ozthumb_IMG_8565_1024January’s bag fits perfectly with the All Eyes On You theme. It’s a fun colorful print with images of a stylish girl with cat-eye shades. I love getting these bags! They have easy to open zippers and they are perfect for travel! I use them to store my skincare and makeup products so these are useful to have. thumb_IMG_8566_1024Even the backside of the bag has a nice pop of blue. thumb_IMG_8570_10241. Skyn Iceland Travel Size Glacial Cleansing Cloths Weight: 10 cleansing cloths; 1.7 oz

I never buy cleansing cloths. I usually take the time to either double cleanse or use a heavy duty foam cleanser to wash my face. So when I received this I was pretty excited to try these out. I like the simplicity of the packaging and the white color makes it look pure and clean. First of all the scent is overpowering of a florally perfume. I do not like the scent because for some reason it reminds me of a bathroom cleaning product. thumb_IMG_8571_1024When I took out a sheet to use I noticed bubbles/suds on them. The foam quickly pops out of sight once it is exposed to air. The directions state not to add water and there is no need to rinse your face. I don’t think I like having soap suds in a product that is supposed to clean the face and I do not have to use water.. sure it will take off my makeup but now I have soap suds sitting or seeping on my face. I feel a little iffy about this product and so far I do not like it. thumb_IMG_8589_1024

thumb_IMG_8575_10242. Tréstique Mini Concealer Crayon in Bisque Weight: .02 oz

I have 3 products from this company all from my Ipsy subscription. They all have the same packaging, like this one here. Many people think this product comes without a cap and think the product is exposed to dirt. The cap looks a lot like a crayon so it is possible to think so. In previous bags I received a lipstick, eyeshadow, and now a concealer. The shade of this concealer is a bit brighter but still similar to my skin tone so I am happy to give this a try, especially since I do not use concealers. thumb_IMG_8581_10243. TheBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Weight: .01 oz

Last time I received a liquid lipstick from TheBlam so this is my first eye product from this company. This product has a very tight plastic wrap around it and it may be difficult to open if you have really short or really long stick on nails. If you open along the dotted line it will be much easier to get to the product. This eyeliner pencil feels rough, it doesn’t glide on smoothly. and slightly tugs. This is best used for the lower lash line and slightly difficult to make a cat eye with. The color is really nice though, it is a gold/bronze with a bit of olive. I like that it is retractable too. Love the color but not so much the formula.thumb_IMG_8578_10244. Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil Weight: .04 oz 

I am so happy I received an eyebrow pencil and this one is light enough for me to build up or use as a natural shade. The one and only eyebrow pencil I have been loving and using is also from a previous Ipsy bag. This is one of the reasons why Ipsy can be worth it sometimes because now I have a backup.This one is really creamy and soft. It blends in nicely and goes on naturally. The one thing I don’t like is that I need to sharpen this product to use, and right now I do not have a sharpener so I will have to use this until I run out of the tip or get myself a sharpener. thumb_IMG_8586_10245. Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow Weight: .03 oz

I’m usually not a fan of mineral eyeshadows, I don’t like dealing with the mess. I had to open the extra lid to get to the product. This one looks all crumbly and balled up inside the pot. However the color looks really nice, it has green, red, brown shades and shimmers.thumb_IMG_8569_1024

Overall: This month was a good month. Although I like receiving makeup brushes I think I will use all of the products in this bag except for the mineral eyeshadow. I needed an eyebrow pencil so I’m glad I got another one so I can rotate between this one and my other one I received from Ipsy. I’ve been wanting to try a concealer and this shade seems to suit my skin tone so I can’t wait to see how it works. The eyeliner is a lovely shade, it’s something other than black so I’m glad I can try out a new color and the color isn’t too crazy. So far Ipsy has been sending me things I need/use and I am glad I haven’t received a repeat item. Check back next month for my review on these products and if I did end up using them, hating, or loving them!

❤ Michelle K. M


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