January Favorites 2016

thumb_IMG_8731_1024   thumb_IMG_8794_1024Hello readers! This is my first monthly favorites post! If you like these kinds of posts I would love to continue sharing them with you. In this blog post I share a random of my favorite beauty, food, and lifestyle products. I want to start sharing the things that I have been loving with you so possibly you could fall in love with them too! In addition to sharing these things you can get to know a little bit about the blogger behind Mommyintervention.com 🙂 it can definitely seem impersonal when you don’t know who is behind the screen. This is especially true since I have not shared anything personal about my life. I hope this post helps you feel a bit more connected with me as I share my monthly favorites. Thanks for stopping by!thumb_IMG_8802_1024

  1. Nature Republic, Snail Solution Trail Kit I received this skincare set for free after purchasing over $100 worth of products from the Korean brand in NYC. This is my first time trying anything with snail. I didn’t think there would actually be snail secretion in here! When I found out that this is actually made from the slime of snails I kind of felt a little weird putting this on my face. First of all, it doesn’t smell funky, it smells like sweet creme brulee. I love the 4 set of deluxe-samples. It’s fun to apply and feels wonderful on my skin.
  2. Dr.Jart+, BB Beauty Balm I discovered this brand from a Sephora FavoritesI loved the sample size I had to purchase the full size. This one is in the shade 02 Medium-Deep, it isn’t too dark, but for my slightly tan Asian skin it looks nice. I love using my Beauty Blender to apply this evenly without looking like I have any makeup on. It looks natural and slightly blurs imperfections.
  3. May Coop,  Raw Sauce I was not a fan of the scent at first, but it grew on me after a few uses. This is a really nice product to apply after you wash your face and toner. The maple sap supposedly penetrates into our skin because the molecules are so tiny and helps absorb products to the fullest.
  4. Beauty Blender, Beauty Blender I love using this to apply my face foundation/bbcream/etc.. it absorbs the excess product so my face doesn’t have the extra product smeared all over my face.
  5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Pampered I’ve been reaching for this color often, it is a gorgeous pop of bright pink so I just need the tiniest amount for each cheek.
  6. Murad, Invisiblur Perfecting Shield I got this as a free sample and love the way it feels on my skin. It makes your skin feel smooth and helps product glide on nicely on top of it.
  7. Jack Black, Intense Therapy Lip Balm I love this lip product! It feels minty and slightly tingles on my lips. It feels nice, smooth, and not runny at all. Even the plastic applicator feels soft on my lips and glides on quite nicely.



Snacking:: I buy this big tub at Costco, this is a yummy way to incorporate extra protein into my diet. I love dipping this in veggies, spreading it on cracker, or tortillas. I like this one because it is USDA Organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free, and all of the ingredients are clean.

thumb_IMG_8740_1024Candy: I received this from my Love with Food and have been enjoying these when I need something sweet. thumb_IMG_8738_1024Snacking: I was first introduced to this sweet treat from a previous Love with Food box and I really enjoyed them. These are thick blocks of shortbread cookies with only 4 ingredients!! This is paired nicely with a nice cup of hot tea. It is perfect for dipping since it won’t get too soggy. I’ve been enjoying this as a pick me up snack. thumb_IMG_8744_1024Tea: This is one of my favorite teas! Oolong tea has a nice exotic taste and it just warms me up.

thumb_IMG_8745_1024Drink: When I don’t have time to juice I like to take a small cup of this in the morning. This one tastes slightly sweet, lemony, and like greens. This is not as bland as a full on green juice because it has fruits. If you can’t handle the taste you can always mix this in with a smoothie. I discovered this in Costco, I love that this is a huge bottle.


thumb_IMG_8774_1024I have been loving this sweater with a slightly frilly design in the front, it looks girly without trying too hard. The material is stretchy and the buttonless sweater is perfect for layering. thumb_IMG_8768_1024

I love long, nicely fitted sweaters like this one. It’s long enough to cover my back jean pockets, thin enough so I can wear a slimmer jacket,  or layer over, and looks cozy too.thumb_IMG_8791_1024I always try to wear sunglasses when I’m outdoors, even in the winter. The sun is still there even though it doesn’t feel like it. I have been wearing these for a couple of months now and they are still in nice shape. I love the navy blue color because it kind of tones down the fact that otherwise a darker shade wold draw more attention to in the winter time. thumb_IMG_8788_1024

I need to keep my hands warm too, and these gloves are stylish while innovative. You can still use your touch screen with these and don’t need to take off your glove each time you need to use your phone. If you look at the index and thumb part of the glove you can see that it has a different fabric that allows you to use your device.

thumb_IMG_8778_1024I bought this huge blanket scarf for only $20 at Zara!The colors are bright and colorful and it just makes me happy looking at the shades of red, white, and blue. Hmm.. now that I type this I realized this scarf sounds patriotic.. I didn’t realize when I was purchasing this, the colors just looked so fun. This is very warm and I can style this scarf with different looks. The only thing I don’t like about this material is that it sheds and I find some of the material coming off. thumb_IMG_8793_1024

thumb_IMG_8798_1024Writing: In my yellow notebook I have been keeping a gratitude journal. I have been writing what I am thankful for and the highlight of my day. This helps me stay grounded and reminds me of the positive things in life. (I slightly blurred out my journal so it is somewhat private.) If you are looking to bring positivity to your life, why don’t you start a gratitude journal?

Watching: I have been loving this Korean Drama Answer Me 1988. There are 20 Episodes in total and this series is about 5 friends growing up together in the year of the Olympics that was held in Korea. The story unfolds of all the changes Korea is going through and all the new and exciting events that are happening to these teens as the country evolves and shapes itself. I enjoyed watching this because it incorporates actual life events with clips and snippets of Korea’s history in a non-boring way. Of course the characters are so diverse and entertaining, and not to mention the love triangle that keeps going in circles. (Photo Credit: DRAMABEANS.COM check out the site to learn more about the Korean drama!)


Reading: I have been wanting to read this book for the longest time.The Jungle by Upton Sinclair  changed the history of the food we eat. This book was originally written to portray the evils of Capitalism and the harsh unfair treatment towards workers. Instead this book stirred up readers in a different way. They were enraged with how their food was being handled! This story is about the life of an immigrant in America. Work, turmoil, happiness, the ups and downs. Life is portrayed through the eyes of one man who can take on the world living the “American Dream”.  I felt happy, angry, and sad when reading this book. You’ll love reading this book if you have an interest in history, foods, or law.

Planner: I have been using a Morning Glory planner for the past 2 years. I loved it so much I wanted to purchase a new one for the upcoming year, but this one is no longer sold in the stationary shop that I frequent. It turns out they revamped the whole cover and now it is only sold in Korea. I am on the hunt for a new planner, but this is another thing that I loved in January.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know in the comments below if any of these are your favorites too!

❤ Michelle K. M


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