IPSY MAY 2016 Destination Chic

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Hello Beauty Lovers! My yearly subscription was coming to an end and I was torn on whether I should renew my subscription or try something else. I decided to give it another shot because I did enjoy last month’s bag and a lot of other Ipsters seemed to be happy with their bags too. After receiving a couple of meh bags, I am glad I renewed! This month’s bag is adorable! It’s the first one that has a button snap instead of a zipper. I am really happy with the products too! In this bag I received 2 full size items and 3 deluxe items including: a makeup tool, lip treatment, mascara, lipstick, and fragrance. Here is my mini review for the month of May.thumb_IMG_0588_1024

Look at all the landmarks on the bag! Inspires you to travel and visit those places!


The products I received in my bag this month:

1. Mellow Cosmetics, Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade Nude. This vegan, paraben, and cruelty-free product is shaped like a mini tampon. I’m glad I received this everyday color and not the vibrant orange one. It is slightly scented and reminds me of sunscreen/summer, not too fond of the scent. For $13 this is not a bad product but not one I would repurchase.

2. Inspr Beauty, 282 Eye Fluff Brush. I love getting beauty brushes in my Ipsy bag! I needed a blending brush and was so thrilled to receive this! This is my first one ever! Super soft I really like this one.

3. Hanalei, Lip Treatment This is a Hawaiian made product and I am so happy to give this one a try. I checked out their website and this company specializes in 3 products so this must be good, I have high hopes for this.

4. Smashbox Cosmetics, X-Rated Mascara I received a mascara from them back in Novemember. I am glad to try out their newer formula.

5. Etat Libre D’ OrangeRemarkable People Fragrance  This was the only thing in my bag that I did not like. I am not a fan of perfume samples and this one didn’t smell too good either.


Overall: I was so excited to receive this month’s bag. I find the pink color, the snap, and the landmark print is so adorable! I love everything in the bag and can’t wait to try them out! The only dud is the fragrance, but other than that this months was well worth the $10 I paid for.

❤ Michelle K. M


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