Help! Get Johnson & Johnson cancer causing talc products off the shelves!

New to parenting, adults warned about diaper rash and to prevent it from ever occurring. This led me to powder my newborn’s bottom after every bath just to make sure everything was nice and dry. It wasn’t until my friend had mentioned, baby powder is not safe for babies especially because their little lungs can inhale the powder when sifting out the product. I never thought twice about a baby product to be dangerous, because why would it be easily accessible and advertised for babies? I only thought about this recently when I received an email that I would like to share with you.

The following is written by: Markesa Kilmartin

There has been a lot of recent buzz about talc being of a major concern with health. In particular, the links between talcum powder and ovarian/lung/uterine cancer are quite alarming! In fact, females who use talcum powder on their genital region, just once per week, are 40% more likely to develop ovarian cancer than someone who does not use talcum powder. HOW IS THIS STILL ON THE SHELVES?! That is my question… This is a product who’s consumer target is babies! Can you believe this?!

After speaking with Johnson & Johnson on 9/23/16 and listening to them tell me that they have no plans of taking their talc containing  products off the shelves, due to them being “government approved”, I knew I had to do something – if for nothing else, to raise awareness! 

Where I come in: My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the young age of 34. She passed away just two months after her 38th birthday. She did not carry the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene which is related to breast and ovarian cancer. So how does someone so young and healthy develop ovarian cancer at such a young age? The average age of developing this cancer is 65 years old, for those who are unaware. I truly believe with all my heart that this was caused by talc. She used Johnson & Johnson baby powder (talc) every day after she got out of the shower as part of her daily hygienic routine.

Just like taking a shower or putting moisturizer on – she did this because it was “good for her skin” and “leaves her skin soft, dry and smelling good!” Little did she know she was putting poisons in her body on a daily basis.

It’s absolutely devastating knowing that we may have prevented her from getting ovarian cancer, dying and leaving behind two daughters and a grand daughter. THIS is why I am fighting- and I won’t stop until these products are pulled —Because I don’t want any other person to lose a mother/sister/daughter/wife to such a nasty, potentially preventable disease. 

Please, in the name of my mother Jana Yeager, sign this petition! 

This petition will be delivered to:

This is an informative post written by Markesa Kilmartin, I am just sharing her story with you. I am not related to her or know her personally, I was not asked to share her story or anything like that. If you find her story to be something that is dear to you or if you learned something new and would like to help her, please feel free to sign her petition. Photos also do not belong to me and I give full credit to the author.

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❤ Michelle


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