IPSY MAY 2016 Destination Chic

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Hello Beauty Lovers! My yearly subscription was coming to an end and I was torn on whether I should renew my subscription or try something else. I decided to give it another shot because I did enjoy last month’s bag and a lot of other Ipsters seemed to be happy with their bags too. After receiving a couple of meh bags, I am glad I renewed! This month’s bag is adorable! It’s the first one that has a button snap instead of a zipper. I am really happy with the products too! In this bag I received 2 full size items and 3 deluxe items including: a makeup tool, lip treatment, mascara, lipstick, and fragrance. Here is my mini review for the month of May. Continue reading



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Hey beauties, the last couple of months I was not too impressed with my Ipsy subscription and was thinking of canceling. From watching other un-baggings I feel that these subscription companies do that often. Throw in a few duds and then give us a few awesome bags to keep us subscribed or wanting to subscribe. So that is what happened with this month’s bag. I am rethinking if I should sign up for another year and see what I get next month…  Continue reading

IPSY MARCH 2016 Hello Spring

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Hello Beauties! Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since subscribing to Ipsy. Next month will be my final un-bagging. I’ve really enjoyed receiving this hot pink bubbled package, but I will not be continuing anytime soon. Main reason being that I haven’t really used most of the samples that I received. My teenager self would’ve loved this subscription service and find all of the products awesome. Especially because for $10 a month you get a variety of products to try out. At this stage of my life I prefer to stay away from certain products that contain harmful ingredients. I am not 100% fully committed to all natural/organic products..not yet at least. However, the past few products I received contain more chemicals that link to cancer than beneficial ones and I feel uncomfortable using them. This is my brief unboxing for March 2016.  Continue reading

IPSY JANUARY 2016 All Eyes On You

thumb_IMG_5818_10241   thumb_IMG_8565_1024Hello Beauties! This month’s Ipsy bag has an All Eyes On You theme. Three of the 5 eye-products are full-sized. The other 2 products are random deluxe-sized products, but still pricey when you calculate the product value. This blog post is my first impression on each of the 5 items for the month of January 2016. This is my personal opinion about each of the items as I open and swatch/try them for the first time. Are these products worth the $10 a month? Check back next month for February’s un-bagging and a brief review on the items from this January’s bag, and find out if I actually enjoyed these products or if they were even used at all. Perhaps this will help you decide if you were considering this makeup subscription or if you are here just to see what this Ipster received in her glam bag you are in the right place! Continue reading

IPSY November 2015 Beauty Blast

thumb_IMG_5818_10241   thumb_IMG_5822_10241Hello Makeup Lovers! Thank you for your positive feedback on last month’s un-bagging! It helps a lot to know what kind of content layout you guys prefer. As you know this is my 7th Ipsy un-bagging and so far everything has been good. I say good and not great because some products I really use and some I don’t. That’s why I retook my quiz a few months back so that I can receive makeup brushes instead of hair products. I only received my first brush last month a few months after I retook the quiz. Hey, better late than never right? Anyway, this month in my November bag I received: an eyeliner, a primer, a mascara, a highlighter, and a makeup brush. Come take a look and let me know what you got in your bag! Continue reading

IPSY OCTOBER 2015 Alter Ego

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This month is my 6th Ipsy bag and it is still fun to receive this hot pink bubbled package. I got a glimpse of this month’s bag and was glad that I didn’t receive nail polish and was really happy to get a brush! In total I received 2 full size items and 3 deluxe sized items. This month I received a hair mask, face exfoliator, liquid lipstick, cream eyeshadow, and an eye brush. If you are interested in these items or want to know a bit more about what Ipsy offers, continue reading for my mini review and swatches.  Continue reading

IPSY September 2015 Face Fashion

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Hello Beauties!

I was a little busy and I didn’t have a chance to share my September 2015 Ipsy earlier this month. I usually get my bag somewhere during the first or second week of the month. This month’s theme is ‘Face Fashion’ I received 5 items in total. 3 are full size and the rest are deluxe sized samples. Here is a brief un-bagging and a few swatches for you.  Continue reading


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A bright pink bubbled package was waiting for me at home, and this can only mean one thing, Ipsy. As usual I had no idea what was inside since I didn’t look at the spoilers. Honestly it is always more exciting not to know what’s inside and much more disappointing if you were expecting one of the items from the sneak peek and not getting it. Usually after looking at my products I go on the Ipsy site and see what the other Ipsters received and what I could’ve gotten. So far I am usually happy with my curated bags and content with the products. Continue reading

IPSY JULY 2015 Review


As an Ipsy member I received an email from Ipsy asking if I wanted a sneak peek at my products. Since I didn’t share my Ipsy bag on social media I was not able to see what was in my bag this month. I did however check a few days later online to see if I could see my items online but it was too early for them to release the products. So I kind of forgot about it until a few days later when my postman handed me my hot pink bubbled package as I was heading home. I was really excited because I had no idea what to expect this month and the package felt bulky. Continue reading


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Glam Bag Product Information Found Online

As a member, Ipsy, gives you the chance to take an early sneak peek of your products, if, you decide to share on social media. I didn’t go this route, I wanted to be surprised. A few days later while browsing on my account I saw my products. I didn’t mean to see what was inside my June bag, but discovered it was possible to see them before it even came. I was liking the products I would be getting this month. Everyone would get one Continue reading