Flying Jetblue Overview

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This summer my family and I flew Jetblue for the first time. I’ve taken two other major United States based airlines and I must say I was fairly impressed with this one. I chose to take this airline based on yelp reviews and something about the color blue seemed soothing to me. Of course everyone has different experiences and thoughts on certain airlines depending on their unique situations. This is my overview on my experience for Flight 351 from New York to Cancun and for Flight 752 from Cancun back to New York.  Continue reading


Helpful tips for booking your trip to Cancun!

Last summer my husband and I didn’t have a vacation, not even a trip to the beach. My husband was just settling into his new career and readjusting to his new life in the states. While I was busy getting therapy sessions in for our daughter. This summer we planned to go on a weekend road trip to Rhode Island. That is, until the last week of August, my husband decided he needed a legit getaway, one that didn’t involve him behind the wheels. Continue reading